Pronunciar, pronunciado. | To pronounce, pronounced.
Tocar, tocado. | To touch, touched. To play, played.
Cantar, cantado. | To sing, sung.
Reinar, reinado. | To reign, reigned.


61. The ordinals always agree in gender and number with the noun, expressed or understood, to which they refer, and may be placed either before or after that noun; as,
El primer tomo (or el tomo primero).  | The first volume.
El primer buen libro.  | The first good book.
Los primeros cuadernos.  | The first copy-books.
Las primeras lecciones.  | The first lessons.
El segundo tomo.  | The second volume.
La segundas intenciones.  | The second intentions.

It has been seen, in tlle list of ordinal numbers at the opening of the present lesson, that primero and tercero lose the final letter when they imnlediately precede their noun, or are separated from it only by an adjective. We may observe here, that tercero is by some written entire; the contracted form, however, is much to be preferred; as,
El tercer tomo. | The third volume.

62. The ordinals are not so frequently used in Spanish as in English; and, except primero, first, their place is generally supplied by the cardinal numbers; as, for instance, in speaking of the days of the month, which are expressed by el dos, tres, cuatro, etc., the second, third, fourth, &c. The following are the principal cases in which the ordinals are employed: 1st, with the names of sovereigns, popes, &c. ; 2d, in the enumeration of books, chapters, lessons, &c., and a few others; but, even in these cases, after décimo, tenth, they are, by reason of their great length, generally replaced by the numerals; as,
Carlos Quinto.  | Charles the Fifth.
Pío Nono.  | Pius the Ninth.
Capítulo décimo. |  Chapter tenth.
Calle Veintitrés. | Twenty-third street.
Luis Catorce. | Louis the Fourteenth.

N. B.-The definite article is not required in the above examples.


Piano. | Piano.
Violín. | Violin.
Músico. | Musician.
Pianista.  | Pianist.
Cantante. | Singer.
Tomo o volumen. | Volume.
Rey. | King.
Trabajo. | Work, labor.
Canción. | Song.
Palabra. | Word.
Guitarra. | Guitar.
Historia. | History.
Arpa. | Harp.
Obra. | Work.
Música. | Music.
Calle. | Street.
Avenida. | Avenue.


Primero (or primer before a noun).  | First.
Segundo. | Second.
Tercero (or tercer before a noun).  | Third.
Cuarto.  | Fourth.
Quinto.  | Fifth.
Sexto. | Sixth.
Séptimo.  | Seventh.
Octavo.  | Eighth.
Noveno or nono.  | Ninth.
Décimo.  | Tenth.


– ¿Cómo pronuncia Manuel el español? Lo pronuncia bien.
How does Emmuel pronounce Spanish? He pronounces it well.

– ¿Tocas la guitarra? No, toco el violín y el piano.
– Do you play the guitar? No, I play the violin and the piano.

– ¿Cantas canciones españolas? No, canto canciones inglesas.
– Do you sing Spanish songs? No, I sing English songs.

– ¿En qué calle vives? Vivo en la calle Once.
– In which street do you live? I live in Eleventh street.

– ¿Y tú dónde vives? Yo vivo en la calle Veintitrés.
– And where do you live? I live in Twenty-third street.

– ¿Qué toca el músico? Toca el arpa, el violín y el piano.
– What does the musician play? He plays the harp, violin and piano.

– ¿Tienes el primer tomo de mi libro? No, tengo el segundo.
Have you the first volume of my book? No, I have the second.

– ¿Has leído el tomo tercero? No, he leído el cuarto.
Have you read the third volume? No, I have read the fourth.

– ¿Cuántos años tienes?
–  How old are you?

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