The Spanish Alphabet (I)

The Spanish Alphabet contains twenty-seven letters. The letters are all of the feminine gender, and they are:

A /a/ E /e/ I /i/ O /o/ U /u/
B /be/ F /efe/ J /jota/ P /p/ V /uve/
C /ce/ G /ge/ K /ka/ Q /q/ W /uve doble
D /de/ H /hache/ L /ele/ R /ere/ X /equis/
M /eme/ S /ese/ Y /i griega/
N /ene/ T /te/ Z/zeta/
Ñ /eñe/

All the letters are invariable in sound, except C and G, which have each two sounds, as will he seen in the proper place; and every letter is pronounced in all positions, except the H, wich is always silent, and the U, which is not sounded in the syllables /gue/, /gui/, and /que/, /qui/.

So that, with a few exceptions, the Spanish language is pronounced exactly as it is written, and does not present those difficulties met with in the orthography and pronunciation of most other languages.

As the English vowels differ in sound from those of all other languages, great care ought to be taken to learn the true sound of the Spanish vowels; they are: a /ah/; e /ay/; i /e/; o /o/; u /oo/.

A has an invariable sound, as heard in the words: art, father. No varying as in the English words: fare, far, fall, swallow, many, courage.

E has the sound of a in the word made.

I sounds like the first e in the word made.

O is pronounced like the English o in the word ode.

U sounds as the English u in bulll. As: bula. It is silent in the syllabes /gue/, /gui/. As: guerra. Except it has a diaeresis marked over it. As: cigüeña. In the syllables /que/, /qui/, it is always silent.

Y is sometimes a vowel.

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Alberto de Tornos “The Combined Spanish Method”. D. APPLETON ~ COMPANY (New York) 1869

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